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Potential Rogue Regular Subscriber:

   What is a Rogue Regular, you ask?  For starters, take $20 off each session you prepay for. Prepaying also means there isn't a checkout process to deal with after your session, so that's bonus bodywork time for you!  There's zero commitment with no contracts or fees, so you are truly in charge of your care!

   So now you're wondering, "How does this work? Where do I sign up?"  It's simple!

1.  Sign up and complete your Rogue Bodyworks site sign-in profile, located at the top of each page. If you not logged in, you will not have access to the booking page.

2.  Now that you're a site member, you'll have exclusive access to your private profile and access to  the Rogue Regular Booking Tab.

3.  Select your plan order in the Subscriptions Ordering page*. This will pay for your initial session, so you are able to schedule that as you would like.

4.  You will begin your auto-billing cycle on the following first(1st) of the month, and on your way to a new you!

*If using the Wix app to attempt this, the product page defaults to 'All Products'. There is a drop-down box to sort down to only 'Subscriptions', or if preferred, use your browser. They do not offer a solution to this problem, at this time. We will continue to monitor it, as the app makes managing your account and scheduling very simple and user friendly. 

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