Potential Rogue Regular Subscriber:

   What is a Rogue Regular, you ask?  For starters, take $20 off each session you prepay for. Prepaying also means there isn't a checkout process to deal with after you're worked on, so that's bonus bodywork time for you!  There's zero commitment with no contracts or fees, so you are truly in charge of your care!

   So now you're wondering, "How does this work? Where do I sign up?"  It's simple!

1.  You should decide how often you need worked on. That will determine your subscription level.

2.  Choose  the level corresponding to the desired frequency of care you'd like to receive.

3.  Finalize your first prepayment at Rogue Regular pricing. Depending on the date, it may differ from your desired       monthly level, but that's easy to modify once processed. 

4.  You will begin your auto-billing cycle on the following first of the month, and on your way to a new you!

5.  Be a Rogue. Be awesome! Start booking your Bodywork sessions...

   Ready to get started?  Choose a Subscription below.

Rogue Bodyworks

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