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Here are our current actions being taken:


 You may schedule online or via the app: 


ALL Rogue Regular Subscriptions are on hold until June 1st.

Rollovers are being honored from March if requested.


*Please note that they do NOT normally do so, per your invoice statement terms, and will have a limited time to use them. That timeframe is that calendar month.


Once operational, anyone entering the office is required to wash their hands prior to treatment. This provides an extra layer of sanitation needed in this outbreak.


A sink is located within the office itself.

You will also be required to wear a mask.


The best way you can show your support for us is by scheduling out for the next few months. This will allow us to properly forecast and plan for a very uncertain future. Thank you for your continued patronage.

Also, be sure to check out our brand new SHOP!


Once  operational, AGAIN, if you are feeling sick in any way, you MUST reschedule.  It's never worth possibly exposing your practitioner to an illness, as we small business owners do not have sick days. That translates into rescheduling 15 days worth of clients, which is a huge hassle for all parties. Now, more than ever, this is vital!


If you weren't aware, you can purchase electronic gift cards online at:

Thank you for your continued support!


Here's a short list of COVID-19 resources:




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